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Fulon Consulting Services

Our team will focus on creating the target audience for your product and then work on engaging them with your listing. Once the visitors find the product they are looking for, sale is not a challenge. Focusing on the ranking of the product and the presentation is what we must focus on.

Competitor Analysis

We study your product and the competitors so that we can pinpoint the strengths to be conveyed and weakness that needs to be worked on.

Customised Marketing Campaign

Sending the right Branding message to the right audience in the right channel to give the results, that's our promise to our clients.

Your Target Buyers

We are Data Scientist and use data to find your target audience with R.F.M Segmentation and other techniques.

Technology Adoption

We help you identify the right automation tools, CRMs, and suites to grow your customers and sales. We are marketers with technology hat.

Customer Focus Branding

We believe in omni-channel experience.

Technological innovation allowed to track the customer buying behaviour, whether they are buying in Amazon or your Store. We help with our strong Data analytics skills the business expertise to give the best customer experience. 

We believe in Customer focus brand buy giving the best product and service experience so they buy more.

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What Clients like you Say About Our Company?

Fulon has increased our Brand presence in Amazon and our store. Increase in traffic, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
Client of Company
We are agency helping other Amazon sellers and Technology suite built by Fulon team is unique and give a leading edge to scale the business with least effort.
Meny Hoffman
PTEX Group
Systems and process built by Fulon team give tremendous boost to marketers in E-commerce space. It opens opportunities for small scale business owners to build the customer focus automation.
Certified Partner